Helpful Hint:

If you plan to breastfeed; have two nursing bras and a box of pads ready.

Did you know?

Breastfed babies are healthier with fewer ear infections, less constipation & diarrhea, fewer allergies and asthma.

Breastfeeding moms lose their weight more quickly and have reduced rates of breast and ovarian cancers throughout their lives.

Women should maintain a tobacco-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free lifestyle throughout their pregnancies and after birth, as many of these substances can get into the baby's system through breast milk.


Best Care for Baby: Training for Moms

Take a Prenatal or Parenting Preparation Class
Ask your health care provider for a class recommendation. Classes may be offered by the hospital or your provider. The classes provide many helpful tips for you, your partner and for caring for the new baby. Here are some class options for you: 

CARS New Connection Programs

  • (214) 645-0919 
    New Connection Programs for all pregnant and postpartum women. Parenting classes, infant care classes and new mothers support groups offered. There is a specialized class for mothers in recovery. Call to enroll in services or fill out form (LINK) Services are free.


Child Abuse Prevention Center

  • 214-370-9810 
    Parent Aide Program teaches parenting skills. The program reinforces positive skills, builds strong parent-child relationships and provides access to community services. Parents receive services for up to two years, free of cost, coaching parents in non-violent discipline methods


Downtown Pregnancy Center


Golden Cross Clinic’s Life Shines Bright Pregnancy Program

Parkland Hospital and Health System

Sound Options Pregnancy Services

  • 214-298-1900




Breastfeeding is a joyous experience that not only provides your baby with the perfect food; it is easy, convenient and economical. Additional benefits to the mother include the fact that it burns calories and helps you get back into shape more quickly. For a thorough discussion of the advantages of breastfeeding and formula/bottle feeding for newborns visit the website: or call 800-994-9662 for resources.;

Breastfeeding Resources   

DABA (Dallas Area Breastfeeding Alliance)

  • Information about support and classes; purchasing a breast pump and insurance reimbursement; medications and breastfeeding; Lactation service providers; North Texas Milk Bank (milk donations) (information sheet) 


LaLeche League


WIC Resources for Breastfeeding

  • Breast Pump Program – WIC has available the latest in breast pumps and lactation supplies to help each mom reach her breastfeeding goals. We match equipment to each Mom and Baby’s special needs.

    Locate a WIC Office Near You

    Breastfeeding Support Groups - Breastfeeding mothers have the benefit of the Support Groups which were created to support them through the first year and beyond. The prednisone Breastfeeding Peer Counselors facilitate regular meetings of WIC moms to work through breastfeeding issues and to support each mother’s feeding goals. 


Parkland Hospital and Health System

Dallas Healthy Start