Health & Safety: Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco

Just say no!
Even if you’ve used alcohol, tobacco or drugs with past pregnancies (or know someone who has) without complications, you are taking a big risk with your baby. Stop using any alcohol, tobacco products such as cigarettes, and drugs. Click here for more information about alcohol, drugs, and tobacco and resources to help you quit. Don’t gamble with the health of your child. 

A woman who uses illegal—or “street”—drugs during pregnancy can have a baby who is born premature; is low birth weight; or birth defects. This includes drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy. (Center for Disease Control) These drugs can also kill the baby still in your womb.

If you are recovering from an addiction or need help quitting, we have included a list of local resources for you:

Recovery Services for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

  • 24 Hour Club (Recovery support)
    4636 Ross Ave Dallas, TX 75204
    AA Meetings on location and transitional housing 
  • Adult Rehabilitation Ministry (ARM) at the Golden Gate Baptist Church 
    1128 Sabine St
    Dallas, TX 75203 
    AA and NA meetings offered using a Biblical approach, and Discipline Training classes 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    Dallas Intergroup Association Central Service Office 
    6162 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 213 
    Dallas, TX 75214
    Information regarding AA meeting times and locations
  • APAA (Association of Persons Affected by Addiction) 
    (214) 634-APAA 
    Provides a multitude of services for life in recovery
  • Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies
    (214) 645-0919 
    Recovery support and case management for pregnant and postpartum women. Parenting classes, infant care classes and new mothers support groups also offered. Call to enroll in services or fill out form
    Services are free.  
  • Dallas Urban League 
    Multiple programs and services ranging from employment to housing 
  • Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse 
    1349 Empire Central Dr., Suite 800 
    Dallas, Texas 75247 
    Information, resources materials, education and referral services 
  • My Second Chance Inc. (Recovery Support) 
    4347 S. Hampton Rd. Suite 277 
    Dallas, Texas 75232 
    Office: 214.374.1104 
    Offers workshops online and in person regarding recovery and related issues


Detox from Alcohol and/or Drugs

  • The Magdelan House
    1302 Redwood Circle
    Dallas, Texas 75218
    (214) 324-9261
    Free nonmedical 24-day detox for adult women who wish to stop drinking. AA meetings on location.


Adolescent Treatment Center

  • New Day Counseling Inc.
    10500 Steppingtron Drive, Suite 270
    Dallas, Texas 75230
    (214) 265-7474
    Medicaid accepted, adolescent program


Outpatient Only Treatment Centers 

  • Dallas County Treatment Center (Methadone clinics)
    123 East Colorado Boulevard
    Dallas, Texas 75203 
  • Murray Hill Recovery
    8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 390
    Dallas, Texas 75225 
  • Phoenix Project, Inc. (Outpatient services and counseling)
    201 S. Tyler
    Dallas, Texas 75208
    (214) 942-5166 
  • Road to Recovery (Northstar provider)
    9401 LBJ Freeway, Suite 270
    Dallas, Texas 75243


Residential and Outpatient Treatment Centers

  • Help is Possible Project, Gateway Foundation
    723 S. Peak
    Dallas, Texas 75223
    (214) 827-2870
    Residential and outpatient treatment based on sliding scale 
  • Homeward Bound, Inc.
    233 W. 10th St
    Dallas, TX 75208
    Offers a full range of chemical dependency treatment and counseling  
  • LifeNet Community Behavioral Healthcare
    9708 Skillman Ave
    Dallas, TX 75243
    Comprehensive services for adults and children with duel diagnosis (mental illness and substance abuse), housing prednisone assistance 
  • Nexus Recovery Center, Inc.
    8733 LaPrada
    Dallas, TX 75228
    Residential and outpatient programs for adult women, women with minor children, pregnant and post-partum women and infants with alcohol prednisone and drug abuse problems 
  • Pathways to Recovery
    Inpatient and outpatient treatment services offered 
  • Phoenix House
    2345 Reagan St
    Dallas, TX 75219
    Substance abuse education, prevention, intervention and treatment services  
  • Reconciliation Outreach
    4311 Bryan
    Dallas, TX 75204
    Christian-based residential and non-residential program for homeless men, women and children dealing with substance abuse and/or domestic violence, offering after school programs, summer camp and day care nizagara center 
  • Turtle Creek (residential)
    2707 Routh St
    Dallas, TX 75201


Tobacco Abuse

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