Helpful Hint:

Be sure to get a pregnancy test from a doctor or clinic before applying to Medicaid.

Did you know?

You may qualify for Medicaid to pay for medical expenses even if you didn’t qualify for Medicaid before you were pregnant.

Medical Care: Medicaid

Applying for Medicaid takes some time, so don’t put it off. If you wait too late to get Medicaid, you will not be able to see a doctor for prenatal care because you are too far along in your pregnancy.

Steps to get Medicaid:

  1. Fill out the online application here.

    You must have proof of your identity from a Driver’s License or official Identification Card from Texas Department of Public Safety. 
  2. Click here to find out information on how to get an ID card.  
  3. Turn in application by
    1) mailing it to HHSC, PO Box 14600, Midland, TX 79711-4600
    2) Fax to 1-877-447-2839 OR call 2-1-1 and ask where the closest benefit office is and hand –deliver it. 
  4. Get pregnancy test results from a doctor or clinic (you can start application before you get the verification, but you will have to have it before you can finalize the application) 
  5. If you don’t have these at the time of application, you will need them soon: proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport, immigration status), residence (your address), income and pregnancy  

Online help for applying: 

More information about Eligibility & Enrollment for Pregnant Women


If you need additional help, contact one of these agencies for assistance:

Honey Child Prenatal Education Program @ Christian Stronghold Church
6810 Samuell Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75228
Hours: M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM. Honey Child classes have various times please call for more information.
No Spanish speaking staff available.
Services: The Honey Child Prenatal Education Program has been designed to provide African-American women with the culturally-appropriate information and support needed to have the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth outcome. Honey Child uses a spiritual approach to promote prenatal health. The curriculum incorporates interactive group activities such as prenatal yoga and exercise as well as individual reflection and spiritual messaging, making it an appropriate prenatal health education program for the church setting. The Honey Child curriculum includes six sessions of two hours each. Topics include: Nutrition, Relaxation and Exercise, Prenatal Care, Self-Esteem, Preterm Birth, and Labor & Delivery.
The program serves African American women ages 18-35 in their 1st or 2nd trimester of pregnancy.
Services are free.

Low Birth Weight Development Center
345 Calumet Avenue, Dallas, 75211
Hours of operation: Mon – Fri 8am-5pm Spanish speaking staff available.
Services: Early Head Start, Teen Parenting Support Services and Childcare, Case Management, Mental Health and Parent Education. Early Head Start is child care for families with children ages 0-3 years, Teen Parenting Assistance is childcare for children ages 0-5 years while the teens are in school or working, case managers help families set and achieve goals, medical follow up, referrals…, Support groups, home visits and individual counseling are available, HED, ESL and parenting classes are held weekly
Eligibility criteria: vary by program, all must meet income eligibility.
Services are free.
Required Documents: Parent ID card, social security prednisone card, proof of income and residence, child’s birth certificate, immunization and medical exam form.

New Connections Prenatal/Post-Partum Program
6363 Forest Park Road
Suite 226
Dallas, TX 75235
Parenting classes, infant care classes, new mothers support groups, recovery support and case management. Call to enroll prednisone in services.